Welcome to the online home of the 380th Flight Squadron, the Black Eagles. Long since considered one of Confed's rogue squadrons, the Black Eagles have proven their worth with a long series of diverse traing and lengthy, frontline confrontations.

Formerly the sole flight squadron aboard the TCS Equinox, the Black Eagles have been recommissioned to the recently renamed TCS Retribution, along with the 26th Carrier Battle Group. The 380th serves along side three other squadrons, also aboard the Retribution: the 112th fighter squadron - the Angry Saints, the 77th Strike Squadron - the Space Huns, and the 1199th Patrol Squadron - the Copperheads.

Recent accomplishments include a successful campaign against pirates in the Gemini Sector, in which their base of operations was destroyed, elieviating the sector of their presence. The squadron was also involved in the liberation of the planet Aeylar, which included ground operations carried out with the squadron in joint relation with the marines and the Aeylari rebels. Since transfer to the Retribution, the squadron has also helped in the retaking of Greypoint Station within the Gwynedd sector, allowing for a potential push for the Confederacy.

Before I finish, I would also like to point out two final relations. Firstly is the Starfleet Legacy Alliance, an organization we belong to that host and fosters several squadrons of many varieties. I'd also like to point out our sister squadron, the 13th Marine Expeditionary Unit, or otherwise known as the Bloody Thirteen.

Now whether you are a pilot, a marine, a potential recruit, or simply browsing the Confederation datalinks, I hope you find this site to have plenty of helpful information about the Black Eagles, their ships, and personnel. I also hope to post news about the squadron's deployment as soon as such updates are declassified and available for the public.


Major Delphi "Rune" Mionas
Squadron Commander
380th Flight Squadron, the Black Eagles