Our Sims

B5: Trinidad Station

Trinidad Station is a B5 sim set on a Narn Station now operating under IA control. The station serves as a center for the Rangers of the area and a port of trade for the various races. Welcome to the B5 universe.

Firefly: Monarch

Set in the Firefly Universe in the "Post Serenity" Era. The Monarch, a worn and seasoned Firefly-class transport plays host to a rag-tag group of vagabonds who's goals are simple. Find a job and keep flying, be the mission legal or otherwise.

Star Wars: Dragon Squadron

The Alliance has just broken the Empire's back during the Battle of Endor. But does the war end here? Of course not! The Alliance may have won the battle, it has yet to win the war. And to do that we need new and eager men, women and the occasional transgender species to finish what Luke, Leia, Han and Lando started.

You'll be part of one of the best squadrons in the Rebel Alliance Fleet, the Dragon Squadron! Where danger is only the beginning of it...

Torchwood Ten

Torchwood Ten lies deep within the city limits of London, England. They are an elite handpicked team that stands between the realm of Man and the expanse of the unknown. Their purview is the security of the British Empire. Their plan is to keep the general public in blissful ignorance of reality.

Because the 21st Century, is when it all changes...