Known Operatives of Torchwood Ten.

MacFie, Derowen


Director of Torchwood Ten

Derowen looks at the world with deep secrets in her grey eyes. Torn between her quiet life in a small village in Cornwall, and the busy Hub in London, Derowen is a conflict in motion. She was brought out of retirement to re-open Torchwood Ten and keeps much of the knowledge she has close to her heart. She is intensely loyal to her team and will literally throw herself into harm's way to save them.

Forbes, Grace


Senior Agent of Torchwood Ten

A work hard/play hard kind of girl, Grace doesn't appreciate flippancy or distractions while she's trying to concentrate, but lets her hair down (occasionally too far) at other times. Ex-army engineer, she's heavy on the sceptical side, finding it hard to accept the more fantastical explanations of the things they investigate and is more interested in debunking any overly-mythical theories. She does, however, accept that there is intelligent life on other planets and that time-travel exists, having previously served with UNIT prior to her departure, under a cloud...

Scott, Nathanial


Doctor and Archeologist

Sanderson, Tarquin


Field Agent and Jack of all Trades

Quin never uses his full name. His junkie mother believed that his father was the son of a Lord but there has never been any proof of this. She gave him what she thought was a 'posh' name. He is 28 but looks younger, he is not very tall and slimly built. He has dark blond hair and bright blue eyes.

Quin has the face of an angel and the morals of an alley cat. He fights dirty and wins any way he can. He was recruited from prison following a very high profile robbery that went wrong and ended with him shooting dead a senior police officer. Quin has always maintained that the man was 'dirty' and that he killed him in self defence.

Quin can climb anything, a skilled locksmith and knows his way around explosives. He loves old black and white crime films especially those directed by Hitchcock.

Quin always has an apt quirky response to most situations. Don't be fooled, behind his charming exterior is a very bad boy.

Armitage, Eric


Field Agent and Weapons Expert

Black, Frederick

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Field Agent and part-time "face" of the group.

Hart, Rubin

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Forensic and Criminal Pathologist for Torchwood Ten

An American former FBI agent and a former CIA agent and even a former Torchwood agent is being given a second chance at London’s Torchwood Ten. While he is a skilled field operative, and can track down anyone, he has a wee problem.

Rubin Hart is convinced there is an ancient race of aliens that pretend to be statues while they hunt and kill humans. Rubin is fine until he gets near any free-standing statuary. Torchwood’s unusual ability for media spin and redaction masks 100% of his official activities.

However, in-person interviews with police, ministers and morticians indicate he has been arrested several times for shooting at statuary in public monuments, cathedrals and mausoleums. He has thus gained the unflattering moniker of “Statue Boy.”

Thomas, Punkin

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Researcher for the Torchwood Institute