The Hub.

Built in 1928, at the time of extensive renovations to the Piccadilly Tube station, the Torchwood Ten Hub is a maze of corridors and rooms that twist around the tunnels of the station itself.

The Hub is organised around a central column. This column has cables and fibre optics snaked around it. It is rumoured that there is a living computer within the confines of the grey cement. The sister to Torchwood Three. Nobody knows for sure.

Part way up the Column is the main office. It is perched partly through the column, and partly supported on struts that angle out from underneath.

One side of the central area of the Hub is arranged for comfort. Old leather sofas and armchairs are grouped to enable easy conversation. It’s almost homelike. There is a picture of a young Queen Victoria on the wall here.

The other side has workstations and offices. Cables of different sizes and types are strung on hangers around the walls. Team members are encouraged to arrange their work areas the way that they want.

There are a number of corridors leading from the central Hub. One leads to the morgue, one to the archive levels, one to the library. The one closest to the comfort zone leads to personal areas and the gym.

Every member of the team has at least a room here. It is not much. Anyone who lives off site has a single room for those nights when things are too hectic. Anyone who lives onsite has two or three rooms depending on their needs.

There is one last corridor that is locked at all times. It leads to Derowen’s personal area.

There are two entrances through Piccadilly Circus Tube station, one through the Trocadero and one in the Regent Palace, a hotel that has recently closed. Yes, there is a special part of the Fountain too. *grin* Although the platform has a disturbing tendancy to jerk sideways part way now it has been moved.