Narn Hyperspace

The Story So Far...

It was the Third Age of Mankind and in the time following the Shadow War and its aftermath, the Narn Regime offered one of its bases to the Interstellar Alliance in the hope that it would help keep the peace for the Narn / Centauri border and would increase trade for the Narn people.

That base became Trinidad Station.

But now a new threat has been discovered. One that requires extreme methods to counter and Trinidad will become the new frontier post as the battle is joined. The station has been moved to the edge of known space and hovers in the maelstrom of Hyper Space - a frontier, a jump point for explorers and traders and the first line of defense against the unknown that lurks beyond.

The adventure continues......

What is Trinidad?

B5: Trinidad Station is an SLA-based Message Board sim.

We are looking for strong writers with a working knowledge of Babylon 5.

All areas are currently available, including Station staff, Pilots & Civilians (inc. diplomats, traders, heck - anything!). Any race that is a member of the Interstellar Alliance can be Station Staff (or other militia) and Civilians can be any race (even new ones).

Please note: there are limits on the following types. Anyone wishing to play any of these must be an exceptionally experienced simmer - please contact the hosting team in advance to discuss: Centauri, Telepaths, Technomages, any others with psi or other esoteric "skills".

So You Want to Join?

Joining is a very simple matter of reading the 'What is Trinidad?' blurb above and asking questions of the CO or XO about the sim. And be patient if you ask and they do not answer. Both are busy people, so be patient.

However, if you feel confident you know what you want to do. Click the 'Join' button on the right and sign up through the SLA for Babylon 5: Trinidad Station. Be sure to fill out the application fully, or you might be passed over. And as always, we thank you for your interest in our sim.