Narn Hyperspace

Player Characters

This is the primary cast of Trinidad Station. The people are of lower rank usually, or aren't affiliated with the IA Military Forces. As such, these are the people who will tell their story to you, the reader.

Doctor Angela Murchison (Sim CO)

The Junior Doctor of the Station. Works under Dr. Peter Hernandez. One of the many residents of Trinidad Station.

Ranger Zed McClair (Sim XO)

De facto leader of the Rangers posted on the ship. Believed to be a telepath, but isn't able to exploit this. The jack-of-all-trades for the folks on the Station

Shell Danza

The outspoken fellow resident of Murchison. Also works under Dr. Peter Hernandez. Shell is known as a wanderer of sorts, who happened upon the Station.


Skix is one of the Gaim Units sent forth by the Gaim queen. Even for being an insectoid. The Station realizes without Skix, life wouldn't be quite so normal.

John Grey

The friendly neighborhood Vree Merchant. John's true name is pretty unprouncable by any race. Being as such, John is your man for any and all goods.

A.J. Hoyt

To Skix's logic, we have AJ's risk taking ways. Hoyt was raised in a different life, but he decided to pursue the life of the risk-taker. Unusually tall and lean from the life of a Zero-G child.

Bjorn Dragoon

The large Ranger proves to be a handful to Zed, but his heart is in the right place. A large and lean man. It is believed he was genetically manipulated. Feared by the bad guys, Bjorn is one key in keeping the peace around Trinidad Station.

Victoria Anderson

One of the young Rangers under McCann's charge. Her story is just beginning, friends. But she's proven a handful for the Station, at hand. However, as with all people, they see good things from her.

Allison Drayson

A former Earth Forces loyalist. She and her squadron turned on the tyrannical President Clark and sided with Sheridan. Persued by former Clark loyalists, she lives her life always looking over her shoulder.


An enigma of sorts, Cernu has also decided to call Trinidad Station his home. The Q'rln is considered an opportunist of sorts, but aren't we all?

Non Player Characters

This sim is run such that the players are lower rank to enable them to get into more trouble. As such, the senior officers are non-player characters. Other NPCs are often used to enable characters to have someone to work with when not with other player characters and to add colour to the station.

Senior Officers

CO - Commander Kezie Akabusi. (Far Right in picture.)

A veteran of the Battle of the Line, he took his cruiser into the Interstellar Alliance during the break with Earth and is now expecting to remain in charge of Trinidad Station until his retirement. His wife lives with him on-station.

XO - Lieutenant Commander G'Kiri. (2nd from Right.)

An experienced female Narn officer, highly respected by both her people and others who have worked with her.

Chief Medical Officer - Dr. Peter Hernandez, Chief Surgeon. (Far Left.)

Surprisingly tolerant of the adventures of his staff, having been as mad himself in his youth.

Chief of Security - Chief Warrant Officer David Mitchell. (2nd from Left.)

An incorruptible idealist with deep beliefs in justice, he is also a committed cynic whose knowledge of human nature constantly reminds him how far off those ideals are. Anti-authoritarian, even though he is an authority figure, which is "practically Zen".

Supporting NPCs

Ambassador G'Lars - resident Narn ambassador. Nephew of G'Kar.

Nurse Penny Civet - Medlab staff and close friend of AJ.

Zibar - Drazi worker, prone to getting into trouble.

Yal'Dak - Narn officer, bomb disposal specialist.